Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth

Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth

September 10, 2020 No Comments

We first became familiar with Romance Compass through an ad on Facebook. After searching through your website, I happened to be impressed with all the quality for the females, plus the amazing image quality regarding the pages. We enrolled in the solution, developed a profile, and instantly started getting letters.

Now, as much of you might know, this website is typical regarding the significantly less than reputable worldwide sites that are dating industry. You are offered by them the possibility to buy credits, that you used to email, video-chat and finally request email address. I bought a credit packet, and began investigating your website. I became straight away bombarded with 20+ type letters every day, all from appealing females looking for companionship. Once again, really typical of those forms of web sites. I began to notice many of the obvious red flags of a scam based site as I utilized the site. We were holding:

1) Return letters compiled by ladies who are not familiar with the topic case of the initial profile

2) look of females’s pages on a number of other contending Eastern European internet dating sites, many aided by the precise exact same profile information

3) Changing the name and age back at my profile triggered the actual form that is same being resubmitted if you ask me, with just title modifications filed within the blanks. Another type of scamming.

4) a lot of women video that is suggesting, being on the web anyway hours for such talk.

I became in a position look into a few Ukrainian forums, in which At long last found the purchase price listings for ladies whom donate to the website. Women can be offered free picture shoots, or even a money payout each minute for video clip talk mins, emails written, and contact information required. The quantities differ by advertising, by average. 40 cents each and every minute of movie, and $2.00 per e-mail. Equipped with this knowledge, I made the decision to make use of several of my credits to check my theories.

After numerous emails, we received several different reactions from ladies. One admitted that she had been conversing to improve cash to coach the woman son, and many would not also appear to be conscious that males on this website had been spending to speak to them. There have been the standard signs of scammers and hired authors; individuals on the web in compensated video clip talk anyway hours associated with evening, composing designs that changed kind page to page, and hostility in the suggesting of trading contact information outside the website.

I became in a position to talk to one girl, into the true point i surely could request email address from the girl. Used to do so, and received. A disconnected contact number, a fraudulent target, but a legitimate name that is last. Then I sought out and discovered this girl on vk (Russian form of Facebook). Well do you know what? She had never ever also heard about me personally, and claimed she would not talk to males on the internet site after the woman picture shoot. She also said it was a buddy of hers, operating the woman account.

One interesting side note for just about any visitors right here. We in the course of time registered with a niche site called ElenasModels, that was said to be more reputable. Interestingly, We saw a familiar picture on among the pages here. Once I started communicating with the lady on this web site, she confirmed that she had certainly done an image shoot with Romance Compass. She had then offered her profile up to a buddy, rather than also logged about the website. Once more, clear proof of ghost-writing and phony pages. On the whole, we spent $150 to completely vet this web site as fraudulent. This review is hoped by me helps you save some cash, and keeps you against doing similar. Peace.

Bob’s Response:

Many thanks for your research that is thorough and!

We have never ever heard about this website, but used to do look it over after reading your review. And the telltale is seen by me indications of a scam website.

The thing I would include is the fact that you can just count on a few very reliable concepts that will help determine if a site is likely a scammy site without having to confirm it since we cannot research every site so thoroughly.

Many scam web sites are pretty simple to spot and get away from. You can easily proceed through all work to analyze this like Jason did, or perhaps you can just believe me. Virtually any website or business whom charges per page, each and every minute for movie, etc., and limits your ability to talk to a female directly (no contact that is direct) can be so apt to be a fraud it seriously isn’t well worth the danger.

Of course you will be bombed with letters (especially if they’re clearly form letters) from hottest women on the internet site inside the very first time you’ve got a profile on line, odds are it really is a scam website.

Then it’s probably a scam site if practically ALL of the women on the site are drop-dead gorgeous, as in the case of Romance Compass.

Compare the ladies on RomanceCompass to those on Russian-Ukrainian-Women, a site that is truly legitimate. Observe that on Russian-Ukrainian-Women there is the entire range, similar to within the real life. Possibly 5percent of these are actually hot, maybe 15percent pretty nice looking, 50percent “medium”, etc.

AND, yourself, and you post a profile on Russian-Ukrainian-Women, chances are pretty good that most of the women who will contact you are going to be much more “middle of the pack” and not super hot cover models if you are over 40, not rich, not famous, not especially great looking.

Anyhow, simpler to trust the axioms in distinguishing scam internet sites than really learn about them the way that is hard to make sure; -)

But thanks once more to take enough time to share with united states on how you confirmed that Romance Compass is just a debateable website! To know of the confirmation that is direct probably numerous know very well what I state once I talk about frauds more generically.

Reviews for Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth

I do want to state that Irina ID 27028 isn’t genuine woman. Every thing ended up being lovey until we covered the woman information. Since I have taken care of the lady information she have not showed up. She was called by me quantity and a lady replied saying she couldn’t talk because this woman is together with her mother in the a healthcare facility. I’ve texted, penned email messages, and she’sn’t answered. Yeah, I happened to be scammed but i wish to upload this so she will not scam someone else. She actually is 21 yrs old 7inches that are 5ft 117 pounds and working to be legal counsel. She actually is fake.

Thank you for the heads-up, but we seemed and she actually is perhaps not here any longer.

Dudes, LISTEN UP. It is not how! You actually defintely won’t be in a position to black-list every scammer you encounter. As an example, this “Irina” you mention. Now she actually is most likely “Natalia”, 5-9, 122 lbs, being employed as an “economist” in a different town, with many different photos. See just what After All? And “she” might be actually Ivan involved in a cellar.

Therefore we also can not catalog and black-list EVERY shady agency/site.

We saw one girl We liked on Romance Compass. Thus I chose to take a danger and delivering the lady a present-day so a photograph may be taken. Next the emails are sent by me.

We haven’t met this girl however, but i will be careful constantly.

Bob’s Comment: we thought Jason’s review was thorough sufficient, therefore the things we observed about their solutions had been in accordance with their findings. PLEASE, read my scam that is entire section specially Russian Dating Scam: Letters and Gifts.

The reality that a photograph was taken on present distribution is meaningless! It certainly does not show such a thing. Within my modest opinion, you’re perhaps not being cautious enough and are usually most likely wasting some time and cash.

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